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kitchen design

A kitchen is the heart of any house. It has a purpose, that goes way beyond preparing food. A kitchen is where everything important happens, gets discussed and decided. It is able to gather people naturally, because food can do that. So, needless to say, the kitchen should be a place, that completely reflects your values and sense of living. It needs to make sense to you, while it looks absolutely stunning and inviting. I will help you combine all that is important, in the light of elegance, simplicity, functionality, durability, style, uniqueness, cleverness and sustainability. Kitchens are so exciting!

NATURAL MATERIALS are long lasting, sustainable and create the atmosphere a kitchen needs!

interior design by eyeswoon


IS AN IMPORTANT decision to make!

interior design by no.17house


of your dreams,

is just a few steps away. Planing your kitchen, can be a tricky thing. I will help you sort out, what you need and give it the perfect look, you are going to love. 


photo credit:Hightower Showroom at The Mart, Chicago

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kitchen trends 2023

breaking the rules

You are as individual, as your kitchen.

Playing with materials, shapes, colors,..there are no rules, when designing your perfect kitchen!


interior design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop

interior design by Tom Mark Henry

interior design by YSG

interior design by Robson Rak

interior design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop

interior design by Robson Rak

interior design by Sheraton interiors

interior design by Aker interiors

interior design by Blakes London

interior design by Tamsin Johnson 

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